Colorado Attractions

From breweries and a world-class zoo to professional sports and a unique form of air travel, here are the top Colorado attractions.
Colorado Breweries/Wineries
Colorado is known for its natural beauty, its hot-air-ballooning, and its skiing opportunities, among other things. But one shouldn't leave a very important factor in the notoriety of this state out of the picture: that of Colorado's breweries and wineries, which populate the state in a healthy fashion and include the likes of Coors, Barton Creek Cellars, and other well-known beer-crafters and vintners.
U.S. Mint
320 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80204
Have you ever wondered where money comes from? Well, now you can find out on your travels to the state of Colorado, where one of the branches of the US Mint awaits your discovery. Take a tour of the mint, which offers informative insights and educational displays which will saturate your mind with information on both the history of currency and on the dynamics of money-economy.
Hike Colorado
"Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain." Does this sound familiar? Put it to music, and if you didn't recognize the lyrics to "America The Beautiful", you'll certainly recognize the tune. Those spacious skies and amber waves of grain were in fact inspired by the state of Colorado, which is renowned for its natural beauty. There's no better way to experience this than through its many hiking trails, which weave their way past landscapes as diverse as snowy mountainsides to geologically fascinating deserts.
Raft Colorado
The waterways which flow through Colorado are some of the best for rafting, and you're invited to experience them on your trip to Colorado. A score of raft providers and instructors populate the state, making sure your visit to the state will be a watery one full of exhilarating rushes and whitewater excitement. Experience world-class scenery gliding down world-class waterways, only in the state of Colorado.
Denver Zoo
2300 Steele Street
Denver, CO 80205
At the Denver Zoo, you can witness one of the most impressive collections of animals in America. That's 3,500 animals, comprised of over 650 species. Guests will want to devote a day to exploring the various sides of the animal kingdom as they're rarely able to; to aid them, the park hosts a wide variety of animal shows, feedings, and interactive exhibits the whole family will enjoy.
Hot-Air Balloon Over Colorado
Want to experience the beautiful landscape of Colorado from a perspective you never before thought imaginable? Book with one of many hot-air balloon companies in Colorado, and you'll have few bars between you and a spectacular aerial view of one of the most beautiful states in America. Soar past fields, mountains, deserts, and other diverse settings, and see why everyone who has visited this gorgeous state has become so enchanted.
Water World
8801 Pecos St.
Federal Heights, CO 80260
3 As America's biggest water park, we can confidently exclaim that it is also the best, and 40 aquatic attractions which span across 64 professionally landscapes acres promise to keep guests amazed and entertained for at least a day.
Horseback Riding
Colorado is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. With scenery which ranges from snowy mountaintops to pristine valleys and red-rock formations, there's no better place to take in the beauty that attracted the pioneers' eyes in the first place. And of course, there's no better way to experience that beauty than on the pioneers' main mode of transportation: on horseback. Colorado is home to a host of stables which will be more than happy to provide instruction, horses, and other equestrian resources.
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